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I'm Jo, a full time photographer with a custom built studio at home. I've been doing this "job" for 5 years now but I really don't see it like a job. I LOVE it! I have put sweat tears and passion into my little biz and I hope when you look at my work, it shows. Photography is such a personal thing, everyone has something different they want their photographer to achieve, so I may not be for you, and that is totally fine. But below I will provide a couple of pointers of what to look for when deciding upon your tog.
With a background as a Police officer for almost 12 years, I can whole heartedly say I prefer this role, Far less stress, I get to cuddle babies and attend the most precious happy moments of peoples lives for a living - What's not to love?
I am trained in baby safety practices for the new born side of things and can provide proof of insurances. My prices are transparent from the off with no hidden charges.
I would love to be a part of your big day, if you would like a no obligation chat, face to face or via skype/phone - drop me a message to arrange. (I advise face to face as cookies/cake is provided!)

What to look for when choosing your Wedding photographer?
  • As stated above - ask for proof of insurance
  • Look at their work and make sure you like it
  • Check they shoot on more than 1 camera (Imagine their only camera failing as you say "I Do"?) 
  • Ensure they shoot on numerous SD cards - again for the same reason as above - SD cards can corrupt, if that happens on the only SD card they use - you will have no images.
  • Do they have a back up photographer friend to rely on in a worst case scenario on the day? sickness etc. who is standing in for them?
  • ONLY pay a deposit until a week before - any photographer worth their salt will not require a full balance until the Wedding
  • Have a couple of pre wedding consultations with them - get to know them - You don't need to be besties but enough so you are relaxed on the day with them. 
  • Lastly - although I could go on, have an engagement shoot - this helps massively on the day and allows the photographer to get a feel for how you both like to be captured.

Hope to speak soon,


Keep checking in to see my blog!

Keep checking in to see my blog!

Looking forward to sharing hints, tips and funny stories on all things photography!